BuyerSide, your property purchasing consultant

Buying real estate is one of the major milestones in a person’s life. The stakes are as high as the sums involved. However, purchasers are very often left to themselves and rarely advised at this stage of their life, which is actually critical from both a financial and human point of view.

Buying property requires special skills:

  • knowledge of the local real estate market (valuation)
  • technical knowledge (central heating system, insulation, dampness, etc)
  • comprehensive understanding of town planning restrictions and local regulations
  • knowledge of legal and taxation matters
  • aptitude and experience in negotiations
  • estimating a budget for works/renovations, etc.

Make sure your purchase is the right one !

BuyerSide helps property buyers through these difficult stages. To make a successful purchase ! That’s why our team of professionals can be contacted quickly.

Do you think you’ve found the ideal property ?

Contact Buyerside on 02 762 64 00 : we’ll go with you to view the property you’ve chosen. Why do we do this ? So that we can give you an initial, free opinion, then go on to close the deal which is the most advantageous for you, under market conditions and after you’ve been made aware of potential risks.

Helping the purchaser with everything he does

Our mission: assisting purchasers

We supply a complete service with considerable added value to potential purchasers, whatever the property they are interested in: from a small flat to a luxury detached house or a rental property. Our aim is to achieve high standards in professional ethics. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool.


Our vision: to be the “go-to” service for advice about buying successfully

Our aim is to become the benchmark real estate consultant for purchases, offering a personal service and constantly updating our knowledge of increasingly complex subjects which need to be properly understood whenever real estate is purchased.


Our values: combining availability and transparency

  • We’ve been enthusiastic about real estate for several generations so our customers are guaranteed to have the most up-to-date advice and information about the market.
  • We constantly challenge ourselves and adjust to suit the distinctive features of the property market and the specific requirements of each business deal.
  • We always go a bit further in order to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations.
  • Integrity is one of the fundamental principles of our business. We adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics. Consequently BuyerSide is: an approved member of the IPI (Institut Professionnel des Agents Immobiliers – Professional Institute of Estate Agents) registered under n° 505.230 and 509.683 and an MRICS (Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), an honour conferred by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS**) where we are registered under n° 6555760.


  • Adrian.png

    Adrian Devos

    Adrian Devos, co-founder and manager of BuyerSide has a Master’s Degree in Business Sciences from Louvain School of Management (LSM) at the UCL (Université catholique de Louvain) and a CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Solutions) Master’s in International Management.

    His interest in real estate investment has been passed on by family traditions and enthusiasm going back several generations.

    He began his career in the investment department at DTZ Winssinger. Within the department, he provided thorough expertise about the purchase and sale of real estate investments for national and international clients investing in Belgium.

    Adrian has been a registered member of the IPI (Institut Professionnel des agents Immobiliers – Professional Institute of Estate Agents), under n° 509.683.

    Adrian is an MRICS (Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) member, registered under n° 6555760.

    Mobile: +32 (0) 473/96.59.04

  • High_Nicolas_Vincent_(loin)2.jpg

    Nicolas Vincent

    Nicolas Vincent, co-founder and manager of BuyerSide has a degree from the Institut d’Administration et de Gestion [Administration and Management Institute) (IAG) (currently the Louvain School of Management - LSM) at the UCL.

    After his studies were complete, he was quickly attracted to the real estate sector, with this taking concrete form in the special training he followed in the United States at the University of Columbia (South Carolina) or the Solvay Business School (Postgraduate degree in Real Estate). His interest in real estate investment has been passed on by family traditions and enthusiasm going back several generations.

    He began his career with GVA Grimley where, among other things, he was involved in setting up the closed-end investment company for residential properties, Aedifica ( Subsequently, Nicolas served as Associate Director at DTZ Winssinger (now Cushman & Wakefield). He was active in the investment department for 5 years, during which he advised domestic and international clients on major real estate transactions, mainly in Belgium. Nicolas was then Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Home Invest Belgium. He joined BuyerSide in the summer of 2018 to develop the acquisition consulting department in the professional real estate business sectors.

    Through BuyerSide, Nicolas wishes to use his accumulated experience in the professional real estate sector to help and advise professionnal buyers.

    Nicolas has been a registered member of the IPI* (Institut Professionnel des agents Immobiliers – Professional Institute of Estate Agents) since 2010, under n° 505230.

    Mobile: +32 (0) 476/79.65.47



Our Team

  • Account Manager



    Maximilien Studied International Business Management at Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent. His studies led him to Taiwan where he did an exchange and later to Madrid for an internship at Flanders Investment and Trade at the Belgian embassy in Spain.

    He started his career in February 2018 as an analyst for Daimler-Mercedes Benz in Madrid at the department of financial services.
    After nearly three years abroad he decided to come back home in Belgium to start his career he had always dreamed of. He joined the BuyerSide team in May 2020.

    His interest for real estate started at a young age. Within his family this grew over generations and it did not skip the last one. During his studies he did various internships in different real estate agencies in Flanders. After graduating he obtained a post graduate certificate in practical aspects of real estate at the KU Leuven.

    Maximilien speaks Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

  • Investment Manager



    Edouard began his career as an Account Manager in various sectors of activity and then resumed his studies to specialise in finance.

    After an MBA at the Louvain School of Management (LSM) and a DES (diploma of higher education) in finance at ICHEC, he went to work at ING. At first, he took care of professional loan analyses and fairly soon went on to become commercial manager for corporate and real estate clients.

    His passion for real estate led him very naturally to follow the Executive Master en Immobilier (EMI - Executive Master’s course in real estate) at Saint-Louis at the same time.

    Edouard joined the team on 1 October 2019. He places his real estate and financial expertise at the service of BuyerSide’s professional and institutional clients. His negotiating skills, his knowledge of the market and his perseverance make him a trusted partner for your acquisitions.

    When he is not talking or reading about real estate, you will find him playing tennis, travelling, gardening or simply spending time with his family and friends. 

    He speaks French, English, Dutch and Spanish.

  • Account Manager



    Après sa formation d’agent immobilier, Anna-Sofia commence sa carrière comme agent en location à Bruxelles chez Engel & Völkers pour ensuite rejoindre l’équipe de Paris, cette fois-ci en vente.

    Par après, elle passe du côté des acquéreurs en débutant en tant que Home Catcher chez Je Rêve d’une Maison, une startup parisienne.

    Afin de rester dans la même philosophie, du côté des acquéreurs, Anna-Sofia revient en Belgique et rejoint l’équipe de Buyerside en tant que Account Manager en janvier 2019.

    Anna-Sofia est membre de l’IPI sous le numéro 510.601.

    Elle maîtrise le français, le finnois et l’anglais.

  • Senior Account Manager



    Caroline a débuté sa carrière en travaillant au sein d’un bureau de géomètres experts. Elle a ensuite travaillé durant 7 ans pour la SIR (Société Immobilière Réglementée) Home Invest Belgium en tant que responsable des ventes.

    Après avoir obtenu son numéro IPI (506.728), Caroline a approfondi ses connaissances grâce à l’Exécutive Master en Immobilier (EMI) de Saint-Louis.

    Depuis son arrivée en juin 2019 en tant que Senior Account Manager, elle met ses compétences immobilières au service des clients tant privés qu’institutionnels de BuyerSide.

    Sa connaissance du marché, son aptitude à dénicher de bons dossiers, ainsi que son approche axée sur les solutions pour aboutir à leur négociation et finalisation sont ses points forts.

  • Account Manager



    After a three-year career as a speech therapist (she graduated from Marie-Haps institute of higher education in 2009), Carla’s interest in real estate prompted her to resume her studies by taking evening classes at the EFPme training centre in order to obtain the real-estate agent diploma. 

    She then began her career in real estate at BuyerSide as a Junior Account Manager in September 2016. 

    Carla has great expertise in sourcing (including off-market), analysing, valuing and negotiating residential properties for owner occupation in Brussels and the surrounding area.

    Carla is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Our Specialists

BuyerSide has has built up a network of professionals which can be available quickly if it seems they need to intervene or if a specific risk has already been identified.

  • Real Estate lawyer



    Frédéric van den Bosch is an associate lawyer partner in charge of the real estate law department at Janssens & Associés, whose offices are in Nivelles and Brussels. He dispenses legal advice on a daily basis and deals with disputes (legal and administrative) on the subject of real estate transactions, planning legislation and public contract law. He is regularly appointed as an arbitrator when there are real estate disputes and was a consultant with the Institut Professionnel des Agents Immobilier (IPI), on the subject of legal training for estate agents. He takes part, as either speaker or chairman, in numerous seminars and conferences on the subject of real estate law.

    Frédéric intervenes in the following legal steps for complex acquisition projects:

    • Legal Due Diligence (Audit)
    • Structuring of the acquisition
    • SPV creation (company to hold the building)
    • Writing of the purchasing offer and contracts
    • Urbanistic regularisation
    • Etc.
  • Architect



    Sébastien assists us in the:

    • Analysis of the transformation possibilities of a building
    • Introduction of a transformation or regularisation permit
    • Budgeting of works
  • Asbestos expert




    Stéphane ingrijpt om:

    Oprichten van een asbestinventaris
    Schatting behandelingskosten (of verwijdering van asbest)

  • Technical expert



    Pascal Van Beirs, Senior Project Manager at AT Osborne intervenes to:

    • Carry out Technical Due Diligences of buildings.
    • Estimate costs and planning of the investments to be made.
    • Assist in the identification of needs.
    • Negotiate conception (architects) and construction contracts.
    • Manage stakeholders.
    • Assist with the delivery of the works.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of 6 members with vast experience of the real estate investment business.

The Advisory Board supports the managers by regularly helping to draw up BuyerSide’s major strategic approaches, ensuring their continuity.

  • stefaan_site.jpg

    Stefaan Gielens

    Stefaan Gielens, MRICS, is the CEO of the Aedifica REIT since 2006.

    Stefaan Gielens has a degree in Law from the Katholieke Universiteit de Leuven (KUL) (1989). He expanded these studies with a postgraduate qualification in Real Estate from the KUL (1996).

    He starts his career as a lawyer at the Brussels bar with a specialization in commercial and real estate law. He then fulfilled different functions in various companies of the Almanij / KBC group. He becomes amongst others the Managing Director of Almafin Real Estate SA from 2004 till 2006. Since 2006, he holds the function of CEO of Aedifica.

    With an investment portfolio of more than €700 million and a total surface area of approximately 361,000 m², Aedifica aims to position itself as the market leader among listed Belgian residential real estate companies.

  • Marc_Kadaner2.jpg

    Marc Kadaner

    Marc KADANER is a law graduate from the ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles) and has been a barrister at the Brussels bar since 1972. He also has a degree from the CEPAC (now the Executive Master’s in Management or EMM).

    His reputation relating to real estate meant that he was invited to join the RICS in 2002, immediately assuming the capacity of “Fellow”.

    He carries out and has carried out various functions within university and post-university teaching (ULB).

    Marc KADANER has “always” practised real estate law. After receiving excellent training from his course sponsors in 1983 he decided to spread his own wings and it was at that point that he set up a niche group specialising in real estate. The H&K lawyers’ practice, where he is still a member, has its roots in this first association set up in 1983.

    Marc specialises in negotiating and fine-tuning important, complicated or delicate real estate operations. When carrying out his activities, Marc Kadaner is generally considered to be a "deal maker" given his non-antagonistic approach aimed at solving problems. The work entitled « Chambers & Partners » (Your guide to the world’s best lawyers) states the following about him: «The distinguished Marc Kadaner is recognised for his talent, experience and influence on the Belgian real estate market».

  • Alain_Devos_NB.jpg

    Alain Devos

    After studying to be a Solvay commercial engineer at the ULB (1975), Alain Devos worked as the Director of the Real Estate Development Department at the CFE (Belgian Multidisciplinary Group), then joining the Générale de Banque as Head of Real Estate Finance within the Corporate & Investment Banking department.

    Between 1990 and 2012, he worked as CEO of AG Real Estate (the real estate subsidiary of the AG Insurance/AGEAS insurance group).

    He currently holds several non-executive mandates such as:

    - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sicafi (closed-end investment company) Befimmo S.A., quoted on the Brussels Stock Market (Bel 20 index;

    - Member of the Board of Directors of the Allfin group;

    - Member of the Board of Directors of the Equillis group;

    - Member of the Board of Directors of the Het Zoute company;

    - Member of the Advisory Board of the VK Engineering Group;

    - Member of the board of trustees of Guberna;

    - Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) under n° 1224209;

    - Member of the Institut Professionnel des agents Immobiliers (IPI) under n° 501237;

    - Member of the Management Committee of the Union Professionnelle du Secteur Immobilier (UPSI/BVS [Professional Union of the Real Estate Sector]) (until the end of 2012).

  • Hugues_site.jpg

    Hugues Vangindertael

    Hugues Vangindertael has a law degree (Université Catholique de Louvain) and an additional Master‘s degree in taxation law issued by ESSF (école supérieure des sciences fiscales – “grande école” for fiscal sciences - ICHEC).

    Hugues is a barrister at the bar of Nivelles specialising in real estate structuring and taxation (direct taxes, registration duties and VAT). He has 15 years’ experience in dispensing tax advice to businesses, acquired in large accounting or law firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers and Clifford Chance).

    Hugues has taken part in numerous seminars mainly organised by the Echo (“Real Estate Investments: legal, taxation and financial structuring” on 6 October 2004), Kluwer (“VAT and transfrontier operations”, organised each year), and Vanham.

    Hugues has contributed to several publications and has also written articles for the Recueil de l'Enregistrement et du Notariat (Collection of Registrations and Notarial Documents), the Bulletin TVA (VAT Report), the Revue Générale de Fiscalité (General Taxation Review), Comptabilité et Fiscalité pratique (Accounting and Practical Taxation), etc. He has taught customs law and real estate VAT at the EPHEC (Haute École Économique et Technique – School specialising in Economic and Technical subjects) and currently runs a general VAT course in this establishment.

  • nik.jpg

    Nik Subramanian

    Nik Subramanian has a degree in political and social sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) (2006). He expanded these studies with a postgraduate qualification in business management from the Katholieke Universiteit de Leuven (KUL) (2009) and an Executive Master’s Degree in “Corporate Finance” from the Vlerick Business School (2010).

    Nik has an experience of almost a decade in the real estate sector, and more specifically in the world of parking. He filled several positions in operational and general management at a leading European car parking company , where he combined his job with the role of administrator in the federation of car parks and as a participant in working groups on standards , quality, and technology in the parking lot at the European level . Nik has particular expertise in negotiation, and the design and implementation of operational and commercial strategies.

    Since March-2016, he leads a company that helps retailers extract value from their data:

  • Philippe_Cornet.jpg

    Philippe Cornet de Ways-Ruart

    Philippe Cornet de Ways-Ruart is the Global Head of Assurance & Assistance Voyage (Travel Insurance and Assistance) and a Member of the Comité Exécutif Etendu de l’Assurance Non vie (Extended Executive Committee for Non-life Insurance) for the Zurich Group. With a degree from the Institut d'Administration et de Gestion (IAG) at the UCL (currently Louvain School of Management - LSM), he has been working in Zurich in Switzerland in the financial field since 2001. He began his career in the investment bank, joining the Zurich Group in 2005 where he occupied several posts, in particular the job of Chief Advisor to the CEO. In his current role he is in charge of a business representing a several hundred million dollar worldwide turnover. Assurance Voyage (Travel Insurance) is one of the business areas experiencing the most growth and best profitability in the group.