Geobiological analysis – For a Healthy Environment

What is geobiology?

Every day we are immersed in a natural and artificial electromagnetic environment, either at home or at work.

Geobiology studies the various ways in which the environment influences living organisms, particularly sources of negative energy which may be of terrestrial (subsoil), electromagnetic, or purely energy-based origin within a given space (house, apartment, office block, hotel, care home, student room, etc.;

In practice, this concerns identifying and neutralising the different sources that might cause the various ailments experienced by the occupant of particular place (insomnia, headaches, illnesses, hypersensitivity, etc.). Nowadays phenomena well-known in geobiology are amplified by the presence on the earth of more and more artificial technologies (electromagnetic), such as antenna masts, GSM, high voltage pylons, electrical transformers, etc.



Types of geobiological pollution: ”Harmful waves”

Natural (these can be neutralised by elements placed around the building)

  • Faults
  • Underground water
  • Etc.

Artificial (impossible or difficult to neutralise or reduce these)

Electrical – Magnetic

  • High Frequencies (GSM or Radar masts, etc.)
  • Low frequencies (domestic electricity network)

For those who are concerned about living in a healthy place, we provide the option of asking a team of professional geobiologists to test the selected real estate "geobiologically" in order to make sure, for example, that there are not too many high frequencies affecting the house.

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Are you looking for the owner of a piece of real estate?

Have you never wondered who such and such a house or piece of land belongs to with a view to possibly buying it?

You may have abandoned the idea because of lack of time and the formalities to be completed in order to obtain this type of information from the planning department.

We have a solution for you if you want to know the details of the owner of a piece of real estate.






Let us have the address of the real estate and we will inform you of the identity of the owner or owners, supplying full details. We will make contact with the latter to start off the initial discussions and negotiate a possible purchase.

We provide this research service free of charge and then automatically assist you by providing advice about the purchase with a fee linked solely to the success of the transaction.

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Preliminary quick analysis

  • Are you short of time?
  • Are you abroad?
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Concentrate on your own job, and let BuyerSide decide whether the real estate you have identified is an advantageous and pertinent purchase.

BuyerSide intervenes and prepares the ground for you to make a possible purchase.

We let you have the relevant advice to allow you to reach a quick decision about whether or not you wish to proceed with the purchase, possibly under the conditions we have (pre)negotiated for you.

The preliminary analysis service is free of charge. The only undertaking you make is to use BuyerSide services if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

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Feasibility and profitability study of a real estate project

BuyerSide advises you with a complete business plan for the different stages of your renovation or development project.

Do you own a property and are you hesitant to build, renovate or sell it ?

BuyerSide helps you make the right decision and realize your project in light of the current trends in the property market.

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