Are you thinking of buying a property as an investment? BuyerSide is your ideal partner!

BuyerSide is specialised in buying investment properties for its Belgian and foreign clients.  As our references attest, BuyerSide assists in the acquisition of investment properties for investments ranging from 400 thousand to several million euros.

BuyerSide can help you with:

  • the purchase of assets directly (asset deals);
  • the acquisition of shares in companies with real property assets (share deals); and
  • all other types of engineering or arrangements linked to your future or existing real property assets.

Our strong presence on the property market enables us get information at its source and to find you investment properties at interesting terms. Here we are talking about an attractive return on investment rather than something that just catches your fancy. BuyerSide looks for investment properties that meet your specific investment criteria and sources of great 'off market' opportunities.

We offer a five step service to advise you during the transaction from A to Z:

  1. Property search > We look for the ideal investment for you:  location, type of property, investment volume, etc. Each search is customised.
  2. Property analysis > We visit a large number of properties and analyse the short-listed ones. This analysis includes compliance with the town planning code, for violations are sometimes found, for example when it comes to the number of officially recognised dwelling units. Our analysis enables us to answer some vital questions that are necessary for your business plan, such as the true square footage, possible asbestos risks, renovation budget, and so on.
  3. Valuation > We use several computational methods and take account of the elements detected during our visits that may affect the property's value. These first steps in the analysis lead to a complete analysis and valuation report that will serve as a true, in-depth audit of the property.
  4. Negotiation > We negotiate with the seller or the seller's agent to get you the best price and terms. We then draft a purchase offer or letter of intent that will protect you thanks to the conditions precedent and special conditions necessary for the good performance of the transaction.
  5. Contracts > Last but not least, we reread the drafts of the sale agreement and notarial act in concert with your notary, who very often will not have seen the property or taken part in the initial negotiations. We thus ensure that the negotiated terms are indeed written into the deeds and contracts.

We work in close co-operation with a team of real property specialists, i.e., an architect, lawyer, tax specialist, expert in asbestos, expert surveyor, building manager, and so on. These specialists are called upon according to the specific needs of each deal, with conclusive results.

BuyerSide aims to be a 'One Stop Shop' for all investors wishing to invest in buildings in Belgium. Let us be your eyes and ears in the field!

As interest rates have hit an historical low and are thus highly attractive, this is doubtless the right time to invest in real property, but without rushing into things blindly! 

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