Buying real estate is one of the major milestones in a person’s life.

The stakes are as high as the sums involved.

However, purchasers are very often left to themselves and rarely advised at this stage of their life, which is actually critical from both a financial and human point of view.

Buying property requires special skills:

  • Knowledge of the local real estate market (valuation).
  • Technical knowledge (central heating system, insulation, dampness, etc).
  • Comprehensive understanding of town planning restrictions and local regulations.
  • Knowledge of legal and taxation matters.
  • Aptitude and experience in negotiations.
  • Estimating a budget for works/renovations, etc.


Make sure your purchase is the right one !

BuyerSide accompanies real estate buyers in these difficult steps for a successful acquisition! To achieve this, our team of professionals is quickly accessible.


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Why do we do this ? So that we can give you an initial, free opinion, then go on to close the deal which is the most advantageous for you, under market conditions and after you’ve been made aware of potential risks.

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