villa pas à vendre

Purchasing property which is not for sale

Have you ever wondered who owns a certain house or piece of land with a view to possibly buying it?

Let us have the address of the property you are interested in and we will find out all the owner’s contact details for you.

This potential sales service is free provided that we are appointed as your consultant for the purchase, with our fee being linked exclusively to the success of the deal.

calculette pour étude de faisabilité

Feasibility and profitability study for a property project

Are you are the owner of some property and are you hesitating about building, renovating or selling?

BuyerSide can advise you, backed up by a complete business plan, at the various stages of your renovation or development project.


Preliminary quick assessment

Do you want a quick opinion about whether or not it’s advisable to buy some property?

But you don’t have time or you’re not there… We let you have the relevant advice to allow you to reach a decision about whether or not you wish to proceed with the purchase, under the conditions we may have (pre)negotiated for you.

The preliminary analysis service is free of charge. The only undertaking you make is to use BuyerSide services if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

étiquette for sale

Are you selling some real property ? 

Are you selling some real property ? Buyserside may know your future buyer !

In acting exclusively for buyers of real property, BuyerSide has built up an extensive network of potential buyers.

If you are contemplating selling an investment property, house, flat, plot of land, etc., do not hesitate to send us your private or business sales files.


Your advantages in dealing with BuyerSide:

  • It is free. We act solely on behalf of the buyer.
  • It is highly likely that our database contains the ideal buyer for your property!


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