As an individual you are looking for the property of your dreams for personal use.

- House/Villa or Apartment 

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As an investor you want to invest wisely on the residential Real Estate market.

- Investment property 

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As a professional you wish to acquire commercial Real Estate in share or asset deal.

- Office, trade, warehouse, nursing home, hotel, ...

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BuyerSide, your property purchasing consultant

Buying real estate is one of the major milestones in a person’s life. The stakes are as high as the sums involved but unfortunately, purchasers are very often left to themselves and are rarely advised, which is actually critical from both a financial and human point of view.

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BuyerSide, your property purchasing consultant

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«In addition to their intervention in the negotiation phase, I found BuyerSide's analysis and evaluation report particularly useful in helping the Board of Directors as well as our General Assembly to make an informed decision. I highly recommend their services! »


« BuyerSide was excellent in their approach... All the risks were identified and could be discussed at our first meeting. They were even smart enough to bring up the possibility of a roof deck at the first general meeting." » 


« I wanted to use Buyerside's services for a real estate investment for many reasons: saving time in the search, avoiding buying a property with hidden defects, help with all the procedures and also the possibility of finding off-market properties, which was my case. The accompaniment in the purchase process was total until the signing of the deed. »


« The transaction was completed in a short period of time and without the help of an external advisor, the file was 100% off-market »


"BuyerSide contacted the owner very quickly. The latter having already heard about BuyerSide, did not hesitate to give us priority. BuyerSide's intervention allowed us to structure the whole operation even before the signing of the sales agreement."


« I greatly appreciated the collaboration for the following reasons: A quick understanding of the type of property we were looking for, A sharp and pragmatic expertise on all aspects related to this type of investment: urban planning, technical, financial, legal, renovation works, ... Without the intervention of BuyerSide, I would probably not be the owner of an investment property. »



«I am very satisfied with the good advice and follow-up of my research by Buyerside. As a buyer, I don't have to worry about checking documents. Everything is checked and validated by Buyerside. A big thank you! »


« The BuyerSide team assisted me and the International Association of Young Lawyers in the purchase of new offices for our Headquarters. Their support was crucial in all phases of this long (but rewarding) process.»


« Great advice and negotiation from a real estate and tax point of view. I must admit that I probably would not have obtained such good results. »


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Get to know BuyerSide and benefit from advice on how to buy well, avoid the pitfalls associated with a purchase and succeed in real estate negotiations, during our various information sessions!


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