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You benefit from our reactivity, as well as our strong presence on the real estate market which allows us to take advantage of the beautiful "off-market opportunities";

The keys to a real estate purchase at heart, and without any bad surprises!

Full assistance from BuyerSide for your real estate acquisition.

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Full assistance from BuyerSide for your real estate acquisition.

All the way through the whole process of buying property

Step 1: Searching for the ideal property

  • Based on your criteria: type of property, location, to renovate or not, budget, etc.. .
  • On the market, but also via our so-called “off-market” network which enables us to identify properties before they are put for sale on the market, or those that are not for sale but whose owners are ready to sell.
  • Although it is usually requested, the searching step is optional, this means that we can also start our mission from the analysis of one or more properties that you would have identified yourself.

Step 2: Analyzing the property

  • Viewing the house or flat you are thinking to buy.
  • Assessing the property, technical, legal and town planning aspects, and so on.
  • Identifying potential risks associated with your purchase.
  • Detecting elements influencing the value of the property.
  • Checking compliance with town planning.
  • Checking information provided: livable surface area, plot dimensions, quality of technical equipment, etc.
  • If necessary, BuyerSide will be assisted by its team of experts: asbestos specialist, contractor, land surveyor, etc.

Step 3: Property valuation

  • Report containing an assessment of the real estate (location, town planning status, analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, etc.) and a valuation (analysis of the market value, rental value, comparison points, etc.).
  • Recommendations in terms of price, budget for works and any conditions precedent to be negotiated based on the assessment and expert report.

Step 4: Negotiating to obtain the best price

  • With your approval, BuyerSide opens negotiations with the vendor and/or his agent to obtain the best possible conditions.
  • Negotiating is an essential phase of BuyerSide’s involvement. As an individual it is possible to be blinded by emotional aspects. For example, because at long last you have identified the property you want to buy (often after a long and difficult search period) you do not always negotiate the purchase of his home very effectively. However, the financial stakes are proportionally important in terms of family assets.
  • Our negotiating experience in the property sector allows us to obtain excellent results which easily justifies our fees.

Step 5: Offer and contracts

  • Drafting the purchase offer which includes the terms of the agreement and protects the buyer thanks to the conditions we include.
  • Reviewing the contracts (sales agreement, official documents, share purchase agreement, financial agreement, etc.) paying special attention to obtaining the best possible conditions for asset-based, inheritance and taxation matters.


« BuyerSide was excellent in their approach... All the risks were identified and could be discussed at our first meeting. They were even smart enough to bring up the possibility of a roof deck at the first general meeting." » 


"BuyerSide contacted the owner very quickly. The latter having already heard about BuyerSide, did not hesitate to give us priority. BuyerSide's intervention allowed us to structure the whole operation even before the signing of the sales agreement."


« Great advice and negotiation from a real estate and tax point of view. I must admit that I probably would not have obtained such good results. »


Our references..

intérieur maison moderne, escalier luxe


Pure success fee – only due if the purchase of the property is successful.

Remuneration in the form of a percentage of the purchase price:

  • Decreasing according to the investment volume.
  • Varying according to the negotiation made on the asking price.

In this way, BuyerSide aligns its financial interests with yours.


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