Great negotiation for an American couple

Having so far rented a lovely house in Brussels, an American couple wished to invest in their own property. They decided to call upon BuyerSide to help with their search and enable them to find the house that met their needs perfectly. 

Clearly defined expectations

A pleasant house in the south-east of Brussels, near public transport and children’s schools, with a large living space, a small garden and not too much work. The couple had many specific criteria. So much so that having visited several properties, it was proving difficult to find a home that met their wishes exactly. Either the living area was too small, or the property was too far from public transport, or it required too much work. So as the search and the visits progressed, the criteria evolved. After some time, the couple decided that they were prepared to undertake major work if that would enable them to have the house of their dreams. 

Start of negotiations

The BuyerSide experts therefore put forward more spacious houses in need of renovation. To give the couple a clear idea of the costs that this could involve, a budget estimate was prepared each time. One of the houses visited very soon attracted their attention. However, the price was too high, given the work they wanted to do. So negotiations began with the real-estate agent, but these were long and hard, as the price difference was significant. After many exchanges, BuyerSide was able to reach an agreement on the price and the sellers countersigned a bid.

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