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At BuyerSide, we make it a point of honour to assist all our clients with their real-estate projects. So whatever the search criteria, the budget and the sector, our experts place all their know-how at their service. As can be seen from these three clients with very different profiles and requests.

Fast investment in a building intended for letting

With a view to re-employing revenue for tax purposes, one of our clients wished to invest in a building intended for letting before the end of 2019. He was himself a real-estate professional. He had a budget of approximately € 900,000 and clearly defined criteria. The main difficulty in this dossier was the urgency, as the client needed to be able to sign the official deed within four months of the start of our mission.

After two weeks, we found an off-market property that met all the search criteria perfectly. The big advantage was that the property already had its town planning information, which reassured us as regards the deadline for signing the deed.

Thanks to the work of the BuyerSide experts, our client was able to purchase this building comprising 5 apartments on time. In fact, our network enabled us to take a position on a property that was not yet on the market. A significant detail which meant that we were able to negotiate freely in favour of our client, without any competition or stress.

The ideal apartment for a retired couple

A retired couple who wished to move from their house into an apartment decided to call upon BuyerSide to help them with their search. In order to benefit from their retirement to the full, they wanted an apartment that was near shops and public transport in the commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

The ideal property was found after a few weeks. The only problem was that it was rented out. Having thought about it for a few days the buyers, who were in no hurry to move, decided that as the rent was attractive, they would see the apartment as an investment at first. Later on, when they decide to do so, the couple will be able to give the tenants the legal period of notice and move into the apartment themselves.

To ensure that the buyers are fully protected, our experts analysed all the official documents such as the lease, the inventory of fixtures, the basic deed and the minutes of the general meetings. Once this stage was completed, negotiations with the seller could begin. The retired couple was finally able to purchase this property under good conditions in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

Fast, efficient negotiation for a young expat 

Having met with a few disappointments during her previous searches, a young expat contacted us to find out more about our services. A relationship of trust was quickly established and she asked us to look for a two-bedroom apartment for her own use in Watermael-Boitsfort.

Before calling upon BuyerSide, the young lady had tried to make offers for two apartments that she missed out on. Fed up with these negative experiences, she wanted to receive assistance with her future searches and to optimise the purchasing process. By calling upon BuyerSide, the client knew that even if she was unable to visit a property quickly because of her working hours, a member of the team could make a ‘pre-visit’ at any time. A way for her to find out whether it was really worth her while to take time off to visit an apartment.

After some searching, the ideal property was found. During the visit, the sellers told us that prospective buyers were lining up to view the place and that another person who had been the day before was very interested and was returning for another visit an hour later. We sensed that an offer needed to be made quickly, otherwise we risked missing out on this opportunity. Having discussed the matter with our client, we started the negotiations. These proved very complicated, as the sellers were convinced that they would receive a price offer that same evening. Despite everything, we succeeded in negotiating the price and leaving this first appointment with a firm offer signed by both parties. To protect our client, we included specific clauses concerning all the elements that we had not been able to check immediately during the visit.

Over the next few days, BuyerSide continued with its mission, checking all the important and useful documents, such as the basic deed, the minutes of the general meetings and the town planning permits. Before the deed was signed, the BuyerSide consultant also went along to check the condition of the apartment before the keys were handed over and to read the meters.

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