Buying a property under construction for an expatriate couple

An expatriate couple wished to buy a property in order to settle in Brussels. As they knew little about the specific features of the Belgian real-estate market, they called upon BuyerSide to direct their search and enable them to find the ideal property. 

Clearly defined expectations

House or apartment, new or existing building - this couple wishing to invest had numerous options. BuyerSide guided their choice, providing them with all the advice they needed to define their expectations more clearly. A few weeks later, the couple returned with a precise idea of what they wanted: a new apartment, to avoid being bothered with renovation work.  

The couple had also set their sights on a project under construction in Uccle.
Initially, BuyerSide’s mission was to assist them as they chose from among several units that were available. 

Start of negotiations

There is usually very little scope for negotiation with new properties. So once the unit had been selected, intensive discussions had to be held with the developer. After many exchanges, BuyerSide succeeded in convincing the seller to bear the costs of the basic deed (which were initially to be borne by the purchaser, even though this is contrary to common law) and the costs of painting, while allowing the buyers to freely choose the colours. 

As this involved a purchase of a property still under construction, numerous documents had to be checked. BuyerSide took care of this. BuyerSide further undertook to continue to assist the buyers after the deed had been signed, so as to be present at the provisional acceptance in 2019.

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