Acquisition of an exceptional property in the Vert Chasseur district in Uccle, on the fringe of the Bois de la Cambre.

Last November we told you about the acquisition of a house in the prestigious Prince d’Orange district in Uccle for a French family who were renting the property that they bought.

These clients were delighted with the service provided by BuyerSide and recommended us to their friends, who are also French, for whom we have just finalised the acquisition of a superb house on the edge of the Bois de la Cambre. Like our previous clients, they had formerly rented a house in Uccle, but in this case, not the one they bought.

Word of mouth among satisfied clients is both our best advertisement and our greatest satisfaction as regards the service we provide!

A charming property analysed, valued and negotiated by BuyerSide.

BuyerSide’s assistance for a successful transaction

Town planning

This point is sufficiently rare to make it worth highlighting: for once, the town-planning analysis of the property did not reveal any irregularities. The sellers had requested several town-planning permits for work carried out around ten years ago. One such project was a large annexe to the dining room/lounge with a terrace above it, giving onto the main bedroom. A permit had even been requested in line with the regulations to change the colour of the imitation half-timbering.

Budget for work

Despite the perfect location of the house and its incredible charm, a budget for work was needed in order to bring the finishings up to date.

BuyerSide drew up a detailed budget for work estimate, item by item, and included a 10% margin of security to cover unforeseen expenses, which are unfortunately all too common in any building project. The budget for work of approximately € 150,000 planned for the replacement of certain old frames, roof windows and the front door. In addition, it covered the cost of bringing gas (which was available in the street) into the house and installing a new gas-fired condensing boiler once the fuel oil tank had been removed. Treating the parquet and the wooden staircases and repainting the entire house were also included.

Valuation and negotiation

Having completed the analysis, BuyerSide valued the property using several methods (return, price/m2). The resultant market value was far lower than the asking price (approx. 12%). Following long and difficult negotiations, we finally managed to acquire the property at a fair price. To the delight of our clients, who had really fallen for the house and its large garden overlooking the Bois de la Cambre.

Thanks to BuyerSide’s intervention, the emotional aspect was left to one side and the various stages in the acquisition process were undertaken calmly and efficiently (Analysis, Valuation, Negotiation and Contracts). The buyers can now rest assured that they did not pay too much for the property and that they have made a good purchase on a well-informed basis, in particular given the work to be carried out in the future.

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