Investing as a young worker? It’s possible with BuyerSide!

BuyerSide assisted a young worker who wanted to invest in a studio or a small apartment in Brussels. It was to be an initial investment which he saw as being located not far from the city centre, preferably already leased, and which would appeal to him as well, the idea being that he would eventually live there himself...

Quite a challenge
As the client worked abroad, his availability was limited, so the difficulty of this search lay in being able to visit premises with him only at the weekend or on his days off.
We therefore undertook some preliminary visits without him and then saw other places together. The properties visited were located in the communes of Ixelles and Saint-Gilles, areas which the client liked and where studios can usually be leased very easily. Some of these properties were eliminated automatically once their joint ownership documents had been analysed, as we uncovered significant concerns, such as the number of losses declared in recent years, joint owners defaulting on payment or overly high common charges which would have impacted adversely on the anticipated return.

Mission accomplished!
Finally, BuyerSide found a small, recently renovated studio, furnished and already leased, just a stone’s throw from place Stéphanie. Once reassured having examined the property and the related documents, as well as the valuation, we submitted an offer the following day, which was accepted by the seller. What is more, we were able to negotiate the price slightly!

The icing on the cake: even though it was an investment, our client was nevertheless able to benefit from the relief on registration duties as he was planning to live in the studio himself within two years of acquiring it. He therefore fulfilled the conditions.

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