PRESS RELEASE – 26 June 2019

On 26 June 2019, a private investor and BuyerSide client signed a share purchase agreement relating to a corporate structure that included, in particular, a portfolio comprising several real-estate assets in Brussels. 

One of the buildings is particularly suitable for property redevelopment; it boasts an impressive street façade (66.5 m) that will enable a large-scale development project. This is to be undertaken in the context of a partnership with the company ARTONE.

The remainder of the portfolio consists of several smaller assets in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Ixelles, Forest, Schaerbeek and Auderghem. The real-estate value of the overall transaction is estimated at close to € 10 million.

Nicolas Vincent, Managing Director and co-founder of BuyerSide adds: “This was a ‘final’ business plan. Our client instantly grasped the advantages of a tripartite operation that would allow the various parties to implement their respective strategy to the full. This did not make it easy to set up the transaction, but it was clearly the best way of making the most of the portfolio as a whole. Working with Artone on this dossier was a real pleasure for us. The team are truly very professional. Our client, the purchaser in this dossier, has long been a private investor with whom we have been able to build a relationship of trust. In short, this is a ‘family’ transaction that is satisfactory for everyone involved (property developer, purchase and seller)”.

Through this transaction, BuyerSide is strengthening its position as an acquisition consultant in the residential sector and gently indicating its future path: “Above and beyond the residential sector, our Buyerside pure consultancy business will shortly be expanding to cover other fields. We have several deals in the pipeline in the office, development and even retail sectors. Buyerside’s ‘Commercial Real Estate’ branch should be up and running very shortly”, Nicolas Vincent tells us.

The UrbanLaw (Rahim Samii) and Tetra Law (Baudouin Paquot) firms provided legal advice for Artone and the private investor. 

Nicolas Vincent
Managing Director 
M: 0476/79.65.47

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