Two new acquisitions for BuyerSide clients

At BuyerSide, we aim to offer our clients high-quality assistance. So we place our know-how entirely at your service, not only to help you find the property of your dreams, but also so that you can avoid any problems. As was the case for these two couples in search of a new house.

A house on the edge of the Forêt de Soignes for this expat couple

In September 2020, we were contacted by a young expat couple who had found a small house on the edge of the Forêt de Soignes. Succumbing to the charm of the property, they wished to enlist BuyerSide's assistance so as to be sure that this house, which they were on the point of buying, was worth it.

Our experts therefore undertook a complete analysis of the house. This revealed a number of town planning infringements, which were fortunately minor. However, even though this house had great potential, it was in very poor condition. Thanks to all this information, we were able to prepare a detailed valuation of the property, indicating the various items of work to be done. Armed with our objective arguments, we succeeded in negotiating a fine reduction of almost 10% on the advertised price.

Purchase of a house in Walloon Brabant

In search of their new house, this couple decided to call on BuyerSide to assist them. In fact, faced with today’s dynamic market, they wanted to have the advice of a professional so as to avoid any nasty surprises. After several visits, we found the ideal house. Our clients fell for it immediately.

Given the great interest being shown in this property, we decided to make an offer a few hours after the visit, setting out the necessary conditions as a precaution. To the delight of our clients, this offer was immediately accepted. We were then able to analyse the house in more detail. Although it was very sound, there was nevertheless a doubt about whether the large veranda complied with the regulations. Fortunately, the seller was able to prove that this was the case, once they had found the town planning permit. So the purchase was finalised.

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