Acquisition of the Bovenberg property for a BuyerSide client

On 20 June 2022, the group e-maprod signed an agreement to acquire shares in the company FCE (Foncière du Carrefour de l’Europe), which owns the BOVENBERG property in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre.

Historically this property, which covers over two hectares, belonged to the Blaton family for several generations. Armand Joseph Blaton purchased it in 1902. It was subsequently occupied by his son, Armand Eugène Blaton, and then by Ado, Jean and Gérald Blaton. After this, the property was transferred to the SA Foncière du Carrefour de l’Europe. At the instigation of its directors Catherine, Dominique and Philippe Blaton, this company redeveloped it, in particular by constructing a new apartment building.

An outstanding estate including a private park

This outstanding estate, enhanced by a beautiful private park with a lake, is now privately owned by the e-maprod group (Stéphane Benaym).

Christian Stenuit, CEO of e-maprod: “The acquisition of the Bovenberg estate is fully in line with the group’s strategy which, above and beyond our development projects, also consists of acquiring existing residential complexes. Real-estate development is just one of the group’s activities. Since the arrival of Gaëtan de Lantsheere (CIO), our patrimonial investments have increased substantially.”

The estate complex consists of three main units:

  1. The Bovenberg Residence: a residential building comprising 11 luxury apartments;
  2. The Bovenberg Village: a group of 12 houses with a private garden;
  3. The Cobran building: an industrial-style office building covering approximately 1,327 m2.

Nicolas Vincent, Managing Director and co-founder of BuyerSide adds: “We have been working behind the scenes, very discreetly, on the acquisition of FCE for several years now. Having failed during the due diligence phase with a previous client (in the middle of the Covid crisis), we decided to present the opportunity to Stéphane Benaym during the summer of 2021. He very quickly endorsed our business plan and instantly understood the interest of the transaction… The main difficulty was valuing such a prestigious complex. A property as rare and luxurious as this has no point of comparison.”

BuyerSide, your acquisition consultant in the B2B sector

This transaction strengthens BuyerSide’s position as an acquisition consultant in the BtoB residential sector.

The firms Lexalys (Hugues Vangindertael) and Nibelle&Partners (Benoit Nibelle) acted as legal counsels for the parties, that is e-maprod and the company FINANCIERE BELGE D’INVESTISSEMENT.

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