European district : new office building acquisition

Here is our latest reference for an international organisation in search of offices in the European district. With advice, mediation and in-depth analyses, we were able to successfully finalise this transaction.

A complex acquisition process

The client, an international non-profit organisation, had been looking for offices to buy in the European district in Brussels for some time. The organisation was already present in Brussels but was looking for a more central location around the European district, within a very specific area comprising just a few streets.

Having seen an advert on the internet, the representatives of the organisation contacted real-estate professional BuyerSide to check the value of the property. In addition, as they were not familiar with the process of buying real estate in Brussels, they wanted advice throughout the process.

The property they had their eye on was in fact part of a dedicated company. The seller wanted to dispose of the shares in the company which, in addition to the offices, also owned parking places of no great interest to our client. The organisation was unable to consider buying a company, as such a scenario was not permitted under its articles of association. In addition, they were not interested in having so many parking places.

Lengthy negotiations followed, during which BuyerSide defended its client’s interests. We acted as a mediator between the representatives in Brussels, the manager of the organisation in New York and the seller, who was accompanied by a real-estate agent mandated for the transaction.

A successful transaction satisfactory to both parties

We took the time to analyse the property in detail, going as far as to record each parking place, its size and actual ease of access.

We finally managed to convince the seller to dispose of the property rather than selling the shares in the company. In return, our client agreed to buy all the parking places, intending to put those that they would not need up for sale again.

In order to furnish the offices to their taste, the representatives of the organisation asked us to recommend an office design specialist. We recommended a trusted firm that is an expert in the field. The firm hired responded quickly and was on site even before the deed was finalised to discuss the possible options.

The deed was signed in July and the work will begin very shortly.

Another successful transaction and satisfied clients who will soon be able to move into their offices, as they wished.

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